Eng. Mohamed Riyad

Full Stack Web/Mobile Developer
Cyber Security Risk Analyst

1.5K Happy Clients 672 Services Provided 9 Yrs of Experience

About Me.

My name is Mohamed Riyad, an experienced software developer with a demonstrated history in various industries (IT, business services and marketing). Strong engineering professional skilled in PHP, C++, C#, Java, Swift, JavaScript and PL/SQL. Professionally working with MySQL, MS SQL and Oracle database engines.

My passion is helping my clients put their best foot forward on the web. I know that they need a system that is responsive and functional, but one that also nurtures and converts their system users/visitors into paying customers.

I combine the latest technology with motivating design and custom content to produce a system (Web / Mobile) that converts.

- “Make your first impression, your best impression”
Don’t waste your time.. create a system that get noticed.

Contact Numbers:

Mobile: +20 102 052-7903
Work: +1 (309) 335-6542




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